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With the holiday season approaching, it’s time to prepare your home for gatherings. There’s no better way to usher in a new year than around a table with plenty of space for all the people you cherish the most. In this style guide, we’ll discuss the best dining room sets for hosting, and how we can spruce them up for your seasonal festivities. 

Whether your style of choice is modern, eccentric or traditional, there is a way to decorate with grace and beauty. Styling your room for the holidays comes down to a couple simple things. Number one, choose colors that invite warmth and comfort. Second, choose a style of decor that will not clash with your dining set. For example, a traditional room will be better served by a minimalist but classy holiday design. On the other hand, a more gaudy or loud holiday decor style is best suited for a simplistic modern room. Keep reading for more specific suggestions! 

Complement The Classics

Holidays don’t need to be drab, if your dining room is monotone and classic, spruce it up with color. Red or green is always a good place to start. Throw in gold or silver for a dash of excitement, and decorate away. The colors you add shouldn’t overwhelm the class of the space, but rather, highlight it. A winter table bouquet is a perfect way to do so! Choose only two or three colors as to not drown out the sophistication of the space with loudness. 

For lighter toned furniture, like this set above, look for decor that will accentuate the elegance of it. These chairs would do well with a satin ribbon and an oversized gift bow on the back. Use a table runner to highlight the length of the table, and keep it from appearing cluttered. Finish off the look with some candles, or dimmed lighting, your space will surely wow your guests. 

Opposites Attract

Create contrast between beauty and grace by pairing your artistic, urban, contemporary dining room with rustic holiday decor. The appearance of a dining room set like the one below reads as smart, and chic. By adding a contradicting element of nature, and warmth, you will create an elevated version of the room. One that both welcomes guests and challenges them to think outside the box. 

Engage your guests in the decor by inviting them to each bring a pinecone they find on their way in. Fill a glass bowl with these pinecones, and add some fir trimmings, and you have a beautiful rustic centerpiece, one that your guests helped design! 

This industrial and artful dining set is perfect for gatherings. It comfortably seats six people, without sacrificing its aesthetic quality. The unique silhouette of the chairs in conjunction with the faux marble table base gives the room a bohemian vibe. The white of these chairs will remind your guests of winter weather and can be emphasized with some snow-sprinkled rustic decor.  Perfect for a new age rustic holiday. 

Modern Traditions

If your dining room set is anything like this modern take on traditional style, then you want to go for a more sophisticated holiday design. Look for silver and white posh decor. Long-stemmed wine glasses, with artfully folded napkins, and white china. For this set, a thick, material tablecloth is your best choice, just be careful with red wine! 

The image below is the perfect inspiration to maximize your aesthetic in your traditionally styled room. The rich cool tones combined with a minimalist elegance create an emphasis on the detailing of the chairs. This style is both glamorous and calming, a rare balance that will leave your guests swooning. 

Overall …

Winter holiday decor can feel repetitive and tacky, but it doesn’t have to.  There are plenty of ways to catch the eye of your guests, based on the way you play up or against your established room styles. Whether it is a simple activity that brings everyone into the decorating process or a lavish and elegant holiday china set that wows them, your guests are sure to be impressed and warmed. 

The color and shape of your furniture can be an asset in the decorating process. For seating without much detail or decorum, a simple bow and ribbon can make a big impression. The same goes for rectangular tables, add a shiny festive table runner, to accentuate the length. It’s the little details that will leave the greatest impression. 

Final Thoughts

Holidays can be stressful, but this year, let the holiday season bring you joy and comfort. Start with where you gather, your dining room doesn’t have to hold you back or be a source of difficulty.  You also don’t need to replace your entire home for the sake of a holiday gathering. Utilize the style you have, and build it into something greater. 


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