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This Holiday season, while we try to stay safe inside, there’s no better time to plan and prepare for an all out party next year. Here, we will be going through modern contemporary essentials that are perfect for everyday living in all spaces, big or small, while also being extremely stylish for seasonal decorations and essential in hosting the best holiday parties!

First, what is modern? Modern design consists of clean lines, a basic color palette, and overall simplicity. The materials used in modern design are typically metal, glass, and steel. Modern design can come in many different forms, including contemporary, industrial, minimalist, and more. 

As we hone in on modern contemporary, we see the simplicity of modernism emphasized with contemporary sophistication. Contemporary styles share the crisp lines and cleanness of modern design while placing a special focus on colors and shapes to accentuate a sleek aesthetic. Together, these two styles will elevate your home space. 

Home for The Holidays

All the storage you need for holiday snacking and entertaining! This multi-layered, multi-functional coffee table is a modern contemporary masterpiece. Made from reclaimed wood, this table is both sturdy and fashionable. 

Design: ESF

The perfect statement for your living room, this coffee table just begs to be shown off. Pair this neutral color combo with a black sectional (like the one linked below), or some dark armchairs. This will allow the coffee table to speak volumes. 

Making Spirits Bright

Design: Hodedah

When it comes to modern contemporary storage, this wine rack is your perfect go-to. Not only does it showcase all of your favorites, the strong lines, angular frame, and deep wood tone are perfect for contemporary pieces. Pair this piece with other dark-toned features to allow it to blend seamlessly and the decor will speak for itself. For the holidays, decorate with twinkling lights or shiny tinsel. 

This slender, yet elegant build of solid and composite wood can hold twelve wine bottles and has five shelves. These shelves will allow you to display your finest decor, or organize any accents, dishes, glassware, or other items you may want to show off.  The center drawer and lower wine racks are perfect storage for small or delicate accessories. 

Picture Perfect Christmas

Modern and contemporary styles consist of a lot of neutrals, and simplistic stylizations, however, that doesn’t mean that your walls need to be completely blank. Emptiness is not synonymous with simplicity. Finding the right artwork for a modern contemporary room includes using some of the principles that shape modern styles. The clean lines, the dark neutral color palette, and the simple sophistication makes this artwork the perfect piece. 

Design: J&M

Modern art is for more than just museums. Wall art is the perfect way to accentuate your room’s style, in this case,  create the modern contemporary vibe we’re going for. A gorgeous three-panel photograph like the one featured above will complete any empty wall. 

Chestnuts Roasting On An Open Fire

Design: Meble

A remote-controlled fireplace and tv stand is the epitome of contemporary style. The combination of innovation and function is both stylish and practical. You will be able to create a sleek and sophisticated centerpiece for your living room with this tv stand. Plus it provides a great deal of space for any game systems, films, or other storage needs. 

Perfectly matched with a dark couch, a patterned rug that’s easy on the eyes, and some simplistic contemporary art, this tv stand will thrive. The color-changing LED lights are perfect for that splash of fun that will surely wow your guest this holiday season. Set the lights to change color from red to green for a simple but exciting, festive twist.

Baby, It’s Cold Outside

Design: Meridian

This velvet couch is not only soft to the touch, but it’s also smart, stylish, and cozy. To achieve all these traits, this couch has cushions you can sink into, and chrome legs to accentuate its modernism. Add in a couple pillows and the upholstery, and this couch is the perfect final piece to any living room. 

As I stated earlier, this couch would do well paired with the tri-layer stacked coffee table from the start of this article. Add in some contemporary wall art, or a contemporary rug (you can see some examples here), and this modern room is nearly complete! Finish off with your favorite holiday decor, whether it’s a decorative throw for the couch or a tree beside it, and snuggle up, to keep warm this year.  


Whether you’re keeping it small and intimate, or going all out for the holidays this year, there’s no reason you can’t prepare your living room for it’s very best. Welcome 2021 with a warm contemporary greeting, and the refreshing simplicity of a modern aesthetic. 

A modern living room is an easy look to achieve and maintain. The clean lines, neutral tone, and simple sophistication have longevity. Bring family and friends together this year, or stay home, either way, do it in the comfort and style of your own contemporary living room.


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