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Accent cabinets can be a great way to give any room character and make it stand out. Whether you need the extra space or you just want to add some style, these accent cabinets are a perfect choice. 

Design: Ashley

Bright and Celestial

For an added dose of brightness to your home, this cabinet is perfect. With retro style, this cabinet offers an out-of-this-world dimension and flair for your room. The golden circular handles along with wood grain that explodes out make this piece bold and eye-catching. The dark gray wood and angular shape create a vintage feel that would be beautifully paired with other gold embellished furniture or design elements. 

Design: Ashley

Perfect for a living room, this short-statured cabinet would look great with a piece of art or a mirror hanging above. If your style is more industrial, eclectic, or vintage, this is the perfect piece for you. However, don’t let style categories limit you. This unique cabinet would serve well in a modern minimalist room that boasts open spaces and neutral colors.

Mosaic Masterpiece

Design: Ashley

Earthy and sophisticated. This mosaic brassy cabinet is reminiscent of modern art. It’s a stunning piece that would elevate a rustic style into a place of elegance. With a natural wood grain and full storage space, this piece works wonderfully in a dining room. 

Design tip; utilize the yellow in this piece as a burst of color and shine for your room. Accentuate the golden tones with accented pieces throughout. A vase with gold embellishments would match perfectly on top of the server. 

Cabinet Mandala

Design: Ashley

The stained wood is rustic and mesmerizing. The mandala-styled floral design is gorgeous and intricate. Conversely, the short and wide shape of this cabinet allows it to camouflage. This piece is eye-catching without ever taking attention away from the remainder of your furniture. 

Due to the small size and the hideaway storage, this cabinet could serve beautifully as a side table in a bedroom or living room. Inside is plenty of storage space and a shelf. The antique white finish and aged wood would make this piece perfect for your rustic bedroom. For more rustic bedroom tips, check this out

Cabinets of Steel

The words “steel cabinet” bring memories of locker rooms with noisy doors, and not enough space, but not today! Here we have a gunmetal finish cabinet with two doors and plenty of storage. If you’re looking for a modern industrial spin on a cabinet, this is the piece for you! 

Design: Ashley

The nailhead accents form elaborate Xs and the round recessed handles create a retro charm in this piece. Perfect for literally any room in the home, this can provide storage for your bedroom,  den, kitchen, office, or even bathroom! Beyond those two doors is an adjustable shelf to fit anything you may need to keep put away and tidy. 

Exquisite and Exotic  

Design: Ashley

This exquisite piece is the perfect addition to your space! With a wide stance and heavyset build, this is the perfect server for your dining room. Traditionally, servers in dining rooms are used for storing dishes underneath and serving meals above or displaying fine china. Another great use for this piece is as a television console. The detailed patterns really make for a stunning centerpiece to your living room. Use the cabinet space underneath to store your favorite movies and games. 

From the delicate ornamentation on the doorknobs to the natural wood sideboard, this piece is full of balance and symmetry. Allow the concentric circles and floral shapes to sweep you away into a space of calm. A cabinet of this style and feel would work great in a modern boho-chic room or one that is lacking character. This is one of the larger pieces featured here, but if you have the space, it’s completely worth it.

Accent Cabinet Takeaways

The beauty and elegance of these designs are quite unmatched. Choosing the right one for your home comes down to a few simple ideas. 

  1. How much space do you have? If you’re short on space you might want one that is small with plenty of depth. For larger spaces, you can go big, and showy with your cabinet of choice.
  2. What is the purpose? A cabinet purchased as a statement piece serves a different purpose than one chosen for storage. However, there’s no reason you can’t find one that’s both!  
  3. Where are you placing it? Placement is so important and goes hand-in-hand with purpose and space. An accent cabinet in a bathroom can serve a very different function than one in the dining room. Choose your placement to match your current or desired style, and need. 

No matter how much space you have — or don’t have — in your home, there is always a reason for extra storage. Whether it’s keeping blankets for movie night nearby, or extra dishes and silverware in your dining room, an accent cabinet can really come in handy. Some of these cabinets can also serve well for a bedroom, home office, or bathroom! This allows you the space to tuck away electronics that may be an eyesore, or even just store your toiletries. 


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