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Rustic style has been a trend for a while now, however, keeping up with the trends doesn’t have to require a full remodel. In fact, many styles can benefit from adding these elements to them! This is a perfect way to refresh your room without breaking your pocket. 

Design: ESF

Whatever your current bedroom style is, adding a piece of rustic-inspired decor will elevate it. In this article, we’ll guide you through picking the perfect rustic wardrobe to enhance your bedroom style. For designing a rustic bedroom from scratch, check out this article for some protips. 

Natural Contemporary 

Design: Furniture of America

This armoire is a contemporary take on rustic style. The natural wood finish and antique handles create a sense of calm over the entire piece. On the mirror is a perfect contemporary swirl design that creates a luxurious feel to the piece. 

An armoire like this could go well with a contemporary or rustic room design. To accentuate the contemporary aspect of design, you can pair this piece with a bold primary color and neutral colors to highlight it. To accentuate the more rustic element of this design, utilize natural textures and patterns in other pieces.  Canvas textures, woven baskets, and a potted plant, paired with strong natural light also work!

Bold and Brazen

Bring nature into the concrete jungle with this aesthetically sound dresser. This urban-inspired design is full of dark elements that are not staples in a rustic style but can easily be transformed to fit a more rustic aesthetic. The two-tones play nicely against each other in this solid wood on wood design. The wide open-faced body is heavy and eye-catching. 

Choose to pair this piece with lighter ones to make it stand out, or keep the room darker using weighted tones with the entire set. This deep-toned piece works best with white and beige highlights. Highlights will prevent the heaviness of the piece from shadowing the room, and will keep the fresh elements of modern urbanism and rustic stylings.

Mid-Century Rustic

A trendy, mid-century piece,  this isn’t exactly what you’d think when you hear “rustic”, but the natural oak colored wood brings a strong organic element to a mid-century modern room. Remember, rustic design is about bringing nature and earthiness indoors. These features can be highlighted through more natural textures and shapes. Look for wide, heavy-bodied pieces, like this armoire. 

To place this piece in your mid-century bedroom, look for similarly colored wooden headboards, specifically, ones made of reclaimed wood. For a guide to headboards, this is a great place to start. To incorporate more rustic elements, look for decor like landscape paintings and natural trinkets. This will elevate your environment, and contribute to a sense of calm within the space. 

Transitional Flair 

Transitional style typically sits between traditional and modern on the aesthetic scale. This armoire is the perfect example of transitional style while the heavy body and weathered gray wood frame are exactly what we love to see from rustic-inspired design. The paneling of the doors is very traditional in style, along with the bulky body. In contrast, the sparkling silver handles and coned legs are derived from more modern styles. 

This armoire would also go perfectly in a coastal bedroom. The light-toned wood gives a delicate beachy feel to this larger piece. Style with pastels, and natural, cool tones for the perfect natural feel. Natural light is your friend with a piece like this. 

Industrial Rustic Blend

Design: Ashley

Industrial style is known for its use of metals, sharp edges, and dark colors. Utilize this to create contrast with the natural gentleness of the rustic style.  This tall standing bedroom chest is the perfect marriage between industrial and rustic. The rustic replicated wood is a stunning and refined take on barn board. Creating a complex and aesthetically appealing wood for the structure. Lastly, the metal handles create an industrial flair that is just breathtaking. 

Perfectly blended, industrial, and rustic are some of the easiest styles to mash-up despite being polar opposites. Together these styles create a complementary pairing, a classic example of opposites attracting. For a piece like the ones above, play into the warm orange tones of the wood accentuate the life for this piece. A saturated orange accent color will really free up some of the heaviness of the industrial style while playing into the playfulness of the more natural elements. 


When looking to add a rustic element, look at what you already have and see how you can blend it with some of these characteristics. The most prominent characteristics of rustic style are neutral tones, natural textures and fabrics, and organic materials. Personally, I chose dressers and armoires as a place to start, because they are big enough to make a difference without necessarily changing the entire essence. 

Rustic design is flexible and easily combined with other similar design styles. Combining it with modern will give your room a fresh, natural look, whereas combining rustic with elements of traditional will add a new dimension to your aesthetic. 


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