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Styling any bedroom can be tricky, but especially so when it’s your child’s bedroom! Kids can be finicky and change their minds. Here, you’ll find classic styles that can grow and adapt to your child’s evolving needs and desires, without breaking your pocket! 

Design: Ashley

Another downside of commonly found children’s furniture is that it can throw off the aesthetic and styling of your home. These suggestions are free from kiddie nonsense that will quickly become outdated or unappealing. For baby cribs with a similar idea, check this out! 

Traditional Tot Bedroom

Traditional styles are very pronounced and bold. They consist of heavyset furniture that is typically full of deeply intricate ornamentation. The detailing of traditional design is really where it shines. This can be perfect for a child’s bedroom that you want to feel timeless. Traditions last for a reason, and this bedroom will be no different. 

Design: Ashley

Look for solid furniture with singular color schemes, and broad, wideset frames. Traditional furniture can be bulky at times, so make sure this bedroom has plenty of space. In this example above, this traditional bedroom is adorned with an upholstered headboard and delicate lace-inspired detailing. The fuzzy rug adds a bit of more contemporary flair that creates a warm inviting aura in the space. This bedroom style is perfect for a child who likes to feel like royalty! 

Bedroom for the Rustic & Rowdy

Known for being close to nature, a rustic bedroom is perfect for an adventurous kid who loves the outdoors! Look for weathered or reclaimed wood, organic shapes, and neutral colors when going for a rustic design style. Rustic design works well with homes that lean into natural styles. If your home has a farmhouse feel, or coastal look, a rustic bedroom for your children’s room is a great way to enhance those aesthetics. 

Design: Furniture of America

 Be sure to include plenty of natural elements, look for cotton and canvas materials. And if your bedroom has enough natural light to allow for it,invest in some plants! This will add that genuinely rustic feel and teach your child to be responsible for a living thing. 

Kid Friendly Industrial Complex

Loft and bunk beds are typical in more modern and industrial-styled spaces. This is partly due to city living and the idea of lack of space. If you’re looking for more lofted options for your children’s bedroom, be sure to check this page out. 

Design: Furniture of America

For modern and new-age homes, you want to stay away from traditional children’s rooms with bright colors and fluffy styles. Keep your styling consistent and it will immediately elevate your decor. Modern industrial bedrooms for children may seem odd at first, but these furniture pieces are the perfect example of how this style can be done beautifully. 

Both the featured bookshelf and bunk bed are made of steel that resembles shipping containers. Not only does this look cool, but it is perfect for a child that is ready to have a more mature room.  These sturdy stylish pieces are considered hyper-modern and match perfectly with cool pastels and contrasting neutrals. 

Design: Furniture of America

Contemporary & Creative

Design: Furniture of America

Wildly contrasted from the industrial hyper-modern pieces above are bold and bright colors with angular shapes and an open space layout in this contemporary bedroom! This room just shouts with bubblegum joy and the youth-filled playfulness of childhood. This room is perfect for a child that is in touch with their more imaginative side. 

Design: Furniture of America

Adorn the room with bright pops of color like this handy pink storage closet. Use it to store play clothes, books, stuffed animals, art supplies, or whatever your little one needs to get their creativity going. This closet also works well for young kids with smaller clothing and less to store! However it’s used, its the perfect kind of storage that can age up with your child or get passed down to younger siblings. Pro-tip, when you’re done with this room style, paint this storage closet for an easy room switch up. 

Rad Retro Bedroom

Feeling nostalgic about your own bedroom growing up? Retro and vintage are always in style, and now it’s easier than ever to find furniture reminiscent of your own upbringing. This curved white metal bed frame will take you right back to the early 90s, complete with the bright yellow bed set, and polka dot dust ruffle! 

Design: Furniture of America

A bed like this pairs well with white or light wood furniture. Go for a more eclectic look and add in woven baskets, different accent colors, and fun shapes. This is the perfect bed frame to get experimental with. Another great feature of this bed is the sturdiness and longevity you’ll gain from it. Whether your room has lovely lighting or no lighting, this bed will stand out. 

Bedroom Bye-Byes

A child’s bedroom should be as unique as they are. Whether your kid is the outdoorsy type or living in a chic city high rise, there’s a bedroom style to match them. Shop for a style that fits your aesthetic, but make it fun! 

Design: Furniture of America

Include your kid in the decision-making process. Do they want floral sheets or checkered? Weathered grey wood frame or weathered brown? This is their space. At the end of the day bedrooms should be a safe haven for whoever sleeps in them. Remember, this can be a great way to give your child the confidence to choose discover their own style, and bond with you in the process!


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