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When designing a living room in contemporary style, you’ll wanna make sure the essentials are hitting the mark. Contemporary style comes from and includes a variety of styles, all of which are based in the 20th century and onward. 

While it shares some traits with modern, like the neutral elements, and clean decor, there is a clear difference between the two styles. In stark contrast to the sharp angles of modern design, contemporary consists of soft, and rounded lines. 

Design: Homelegance

This guide will help you to craft the perfect contemporary living room, and make sure that each piece that goes into it is chosen with contemporary style in mind.

Soft Sophisticated Sofa

In a living room, the couch is really the centerpiece. A good sofa or couch can make or break your living room. When going for a distinct style, like contemporary, it’s especially important to get it right. Sofas in contemporary style tend to have soft lines and a sophisticated flair. Another staple of contemporary design is the combination of neutral and bold tones. The sofa below is a perfect marriage of both elements. 

Design: Homelegance

Bold in both color and structure, this sofa is an eye-catching masterpiece! The rolled armrests, upholstered body, and bulbous wooden legs are reminiscent of early 20th century styles. In contrast, the scooped back, and bold color scheme add a modern twist. This sofa comes in multiple colors, but any bold color would do well to call center to your room. Remember, when choosing a bold color, work with complementary tones and neutrals to balance it out. 

Chasing After A Contemporary Chaise 

Design: Meridian

Again, the key in contemporary is to maintain an open and rounded feel, this chaise is perfect for that. Its smooth velvet texture in a neutral color could really highlight your room without taking away from the main sofa. I chose this piece to complement the previous sofa, because of the similarly sloped shape. 

Another option is the pretty pink edition of this chaise. For a more adventurous take on contemporary style, this blush-toned chaise will elevate your room in style. Be sure to use cream-based neutrals for your rug, curtains, and lamp covers to prevent clashing with the sofa and chaise.   

Design: Meridian

Criss-Crossed Contemporary Coffee Table

In this guide, we’ve already stated a number of times that contemporary design relies heavily on rounded shapes and silhouettes. That being said, there’s an exception to every rule, and this coffee table is that exception. Carefully crafted patterns in this piece create an eye-catching sophistication that is sure to wow your guests. 

This coffee table is smart, sleek, and bold; but most importantly, it’s neutral. A combination like this is rare and stunning. As the perfect matching piece to enhance your contemporary living room, this table uses its sharp lines and rectangular top to create a whimsical shape. Despite not being round, the openness of the structure allows for a care-free softness. This piece is a true paradox!

Oh Man, This Ottoman

To match the couch, and bring extra seating into your living room, an ottoman is a perfect addition. Ottomans are both classic and modern decor with them getting a major revamp in recent years. This ottoman was specifically chosen to match the sofa from earlier. The blue tone and bulbous legs make it perfectly paired. 

Design: Meridian

Ottomans may not seem like the most necessary item, but in small spaces it can really help. Use it as spare seating or as a replacement for the chaise or coffee table. This will open up free seats for more guests, and sometimes storage. Check this out for more storage within your ottoman options. 

Ending With An End Table

With our last piece up for discussion, we have the end table. Though commonly overlooked, an end table can really bring a room together and serve many functional purposes. For instance, this end table can be the perfect spot for adding personal touches and decor, like family photos, or your favorite souvenir. Another, practical option for an end table, is adding a lamp for extra lighting. Try one of these small contemporary models.  

Design: Polly

This end table is the perfect way to finish off the contemporary living room we’ve been curating! With all the features we love in contemporary, including rounded shapes, neutral colors, and patterns, this piece really hits the mark. The glass tabletop is perfect, even when your guests forget to use a coaster. Not to mention, this end table will help balance out the bold colors, and neutral tones you’ve already added to the room. Add one or two of these little cuties to complete your finishing touches on your contemporary living room! 

Final Takeaways

As we curate our perfect contemporary space, whether it be a living room, a family room, or foyer, this guide is your best friend. Remember these two things, and you’ll be sure to knock it out of the park. 

Design: BH
  1. Color is everything! Contemporary design relies on neutral tones with bold colors thrown in for added fun. Choose your bold colors wisely, pick colors that are shades of one another, or choose tones that work well together. Personally, I love picking complementary colors. Purple is complementary to yellow because they are directly across from one another on the color wheel.
  2. Look for open, rounded shapes. Part of the fun of contemporary is how it breaks from the norm. When shopping, try to find furniture that feels whimsical, airy, and open. They don’t necessarily need to be rounded, but they shouldn’t feel rigid.   

Contemporary style can be everything in this guide, or just one or two things. Have fun mixing and matching contemporary decor with other styles, to create new, fresh and unique looks. If you’ve already got a contemporary room, and need some tips on how to revamp it, we’ve got the perfect place for you to start!


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