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Get a headstart on your summer decor, and use this winter to prepare for sunnier days. With the holiday season nearly behind us, spring will be here sooner rather than later. Take advantage of these cold indoor months and work on your outdoor space.

Outdoor gatherings are all about use of space, comfort, style, and of course, functionality. In this guide, we are going to walk through some of the top essentials for renovating your deck and yard into an enticing, natural oasis that will help you recover from a long winter.

Sitting in Style

A great way to start off your spring is outside! Get some fresh air in your very own backyard, front porch, or even your stoop! Whatever space you have, fill your outdoor area with modern furniture, like this outdoor set. While this listing is for the loveseat, the chairs are easily found here

Design: Ashley

The crisp color of the cushions contrasts against the woven dark material of the chairs, creating a soothing, island-feel. The rotating base adds a gentle rock, and a more contemporary design, and you’ve got a classic, chic, and inviting outdoor design.

Pair this wooden set with contemporary decors, like delicately patterned pillows and a rug. The loveseat and two companion chairs grant you enough space for everyone to be comfortable, relaxed, and together again. 

Made in the Shade

Design: Ashley

This outdoor table set has elements of traditional and modern design. The clean lines and detailing has a traditional elegance that is complemented by the contemporary design of the chairs themselves. Another set with rotating bases, these chairs have tufted cream cushions which only add more to their classic feel. 

This roomy table seats six with ease, and has a spot for an umbrella to keep your guests in the cool shade during those harsh sunny days.  By combining style with function, this table set is the perfect spot for hosting family and friends this summer!

Classic Comfort

An American traditional piece, this simple dark wood bench is a staple for backyards everywhere. Whether it’s for a picnic, a barbeque, or even a seat at a backyard campfire under the stars, this bench is sturdy enough to handle it. The heavy feel and the square shape allow this bench to hold up under the elements, and with more than enough space to gather, no one will be without a seat. 

The classic feel and shape of this bench allows for versatility and longevity. There is a statement to be made with a bench like this in your backyard. Pair with a table and chairs as shown above, or pair with a second bench and a matching table to create a more outdoorsy feel. 

Unconventional Convenience

Nothing says contemporary rustic like a handcrafted wooden chest. Add a flair of unique style with this original piece. Whether you prefer darker or lighter tones, this medium toned piece will fit in either way. This piece is unlike anything you’ll see at a neighbor’s home!

Design: Mod-Arte

Multi-purposed, this chest functions as both storage and as a side table. Perfect for poolside storage, fill with towels, goggles, and sunscreen for convenience and discretion. Or keep it on your front porch between two comfy chairs and store some sunglasses and your favorite book to read at sunset. However you choose to fill this chest, let it make your seasonal change easier.

Contemporary and Carpeted

Sometimes all you need to spruce up your outdoor space is some stylish decor. This rug is the perfect example. Add it in as the perfect addition to your comfiest lounge spot in your backyard or front porch, because this rug is not for wiping your feet.  The simplistic contemporary design matches for any style. 

Design: Ashley

The light beige color will reflect sunlight and bring brightness to even the shadiest corners. This along with the effect of the hourglass patterning creates a smooth and inviting aesthetic to the rug. This rug would match beautifully with some of the aforementioned items, like an outdoor loveseat, or sitting chairs. Whatever your style, or wherever your placement, contemporary decor like this is sure to bring back the joy in outdoor gatherings. 

Summer Summary

When picking the perfect pieces for your outdoor space, make sure to never sacrifice these four things: 

  1. Space: while some pieces may require lots of outdoor space, there are plenty of nifty space-saving items. Look for storage boxes that are unique, and hold all your essentials. From sunscreen to a Bluetooth speaker, having proper storage will maximize your outdoor time. 
  2. Comfort: Never sacrifice comfort when it comes to outdoor furniture. Look for tufted cushions to add some elegance or woven chairs that will be sure to cradle you as you sink into relaxation. 
  3. Style: Outdoor furniture can sometimes feel drab, use decor like rugs, pillows, candles, and small plants to liven up your space and add a personal flair. 
  4. Functionality: Don’t forget the basics! Sometimes, all you need is a wooden bench that can fit multiple guests, and bring people together! Less can be more when you go simple.  

Final Takeaways

The winter may feel like it’s just started, but summer will come sooner than you think. Once the snow outside melts away, you’re going to want to spruce up your outdoor setup in time for warmer days. 

Whether you’ve seen friends recently or maintained a social distance, the days of outdoor gatherings cannot return soon enough. Hopefully, this guide, along with your own personal touches, can help you feel confident in your hosting space, and encourage us all to gather together once more.

Remember to get the more out of your space, maintain a level of comfort, update your style, and never sacrifice functionality, and your space is sure to transform itself!


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