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From chaises to end tables to desks and more, we are stepping into an eclectic modern decor style using some of our favorites from J&M Furniture. For a trendy and fashionable aesthetic, look no further. Right now, J&M Furniture is at the forefront of design, and you can be too! 

Design: J&M Furniture

A cross between retro and futurism, these furniture pieces are going to create an atmosphere unlike any other in your living room or office. Be your most unique self, find a piece or complete set that speaks to you and run with it. Look for unusual shapes, asymmetry, faux leather or fur, metal, and velvet. These are all traits of a more futuristic and edgy style. 


Add some spice to your living room with this velvet three-seater sofa from J&M design.  Available in multiple colors, This couch will bring comfort and luxury to your living room. Pin thin gold legs and a wide-bodied frame create an elegant juxtaposition within the design. The upholstered body and smooth cushions allow for an easy clean.

Design: J&M Furniture

Velvet couches aren’t particularly new, in fact, they’re more retro than anything else. But they have made a comeback and brought with them a future-based design. Pair it with thick fuzzy blankets, pillows, or even an area rug. This will add texture and softness to this look.


This ottoman is part of a living room set by J&M, but whether you choose to get the entire set or just a piece, this can really elevate your modern room. Again, we see the look of thin legs with a wide body, this is a very common look for modern furniture. 

Design: J&M Furniture

In contrast to the previous couch we saw, this set consists of a monochromatic look. This look is more reminiscent of modern minimalism than the more eclectic modern look we see in some of the other featured pieces. Pair this set with lavish full wall art and dark neutrals. Or take just a single piece, like the ottoman and pair it with the couch we previously discussed for contrast. 


Asymmetry isn’t something we’ve seen much of yet, but it definitely plays a big role in futurism and modern design. This coffee table is the perfect example of that. There we see, in similar fashion to the design of the sofas above, a heavy top supported by a smaller bottom. 

Design: J&M Furniture

This deep walnut color top is not only unique in design, the curved corners and rectangular shape create an interesting silhouette. But, we can also see it has plenty of storage! Something that is so necessary for a proper coffee table. However, my favorite feature is the fine line trapezoid shape of the bottom rung. This creates a lovely contrast. 


One of the most unique pieces from the J&M future collection is this sleeper sofa set. Complete with a modern design and jigsaw like structure, this set is unlike anything you’ll find elsewhere. The side seat is separate and opens with ease to convert into a guest bed. Also at the bottom is a small attachment that can serve as an end table. 

One of the most functional and fabulous design elements is the side table. The open shaped structure creates an eclectic decorative look, while also allowing for added functionality. This side table can be placed above the sofa as a work table, granting you the comfort of sitting on the couch as you work at home. 

Design: J&M Furniture


Another asymmetrical piece, this tv console serves many purposes! From your average television and game system holder, this piece extends itself — both literally and metaphorically — into other territories. The wooden tier can serve as a bookshelf or holder of knick-knacks and other decorative pieces. 

Design: J&M Furniture

The shape of this piece is that of an open and dynamic design, creating an atmosphere of comfort and ease, all while maintaining the futuristic look we’re going for while looking through J&M Furniture. This piece would work especially well in a modern space with minimalist qualities. An aesthetic like that would benefit from such a simple and tasteful yet extraordinary console like this one. 


When shopping on our site and looking for futuristic and modern decor, look no further than J&M Furniture. Here you will find endless options and endless style choices. While, that can seem overwhelming at first, knowing that there is something out there for you, however you choose to style your home, is reassuring! 

Use this guide and others on our blog to help you find exactly what you’re looking for!


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