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This year, the best Valentine’s Day date is at home. If you’re cooking for two or ordering in, these three different styles of bars are going to help create the perfect romantic atmosphere. As our winter grows colder, allow your heart to grow warmer. This guide will help create the right atmosphere so you can make your Valentine’s Day perfect and safe right from home. 

Style 1 – Cafe Bar 

Our first dining style is the classic cafe aesthetic. Long skinny-legged tables with rounded tops and high, barstool height chairs. These sets tend to come in mostly dark neutral tones, with the occasional white accent (see below).  The small nature of the entire set creates an intimate atmosphere. 

This style of table is perfect for a romantic brunch or light appetizers before the main course.  Serve mimosas along with fresh-cut fruit beside coffee and light pastries. Add in a bouquet of your partner’s favorite cut flowers (real or faux, we won’t tell), as your centerpiece to complete the setting.  

Design: Cramco

The beauty of these sets is in the flexibility of them. Once Valentine’s Day passes, they’re small and compact enough to keep around. Place near a window for the perfect spot to enjoy your morning coffee.  They could also work in a study or library as functional and fashionable desks. With such a dark sleek look and smooth finish, they will fit with most modern styles. 

Design: Cramco

Style 2 – Fine Dining Bar 

For a more refined look, a fine dining bar table is perfect. The one above is a great example, with the long black legs and petite square tabletop to accommodate four guests, making this a great choice for an intimate family meal, or a double date. Add in the angular shape of the chairs and the generous height to make it an excellent match for any contemporary look. 

Design: Cramco

Another choice is this brown fine dining bar set, below. The pattern of the chairs, combined with the natural hues create a naturally warm and inviting setting. The combination of rounded and straight angled lines make this piece both unique and sophisticated. 

Design: Cramco

For your perfect Valentine’s Day at home, adorn your table with flower petals, candles or low lighting, and perhaps a framed photo of you and your sweetheart. This will set the stage for a romantic evening. Add a long table cloth in white or cream to elevate the sophistication. This table will provide comfort and style that will outlast your evening. 

Style 3 – Classic/Retro Bar

Design: Cramco

No traditional romantic Valentine’s dinner could be complete without a drink from a bar. Whether your drink is a scotch or a mocktail, there’s something for everyone in this retro complete bar set. These bars flaunt a classic tubular steel frame and wooden top, along with a metal rack for bottle storage and a shelf for glasses. 

Design: Cramco

If you’re looking for a more timeless style, the dark mahogany wood is the way to go. However, do not sleep on the light gray stylings of the retro bar above. This bar is the perfect addition to a delicate traditional room with light colored aesthetics. The gentle curling details accentuate a style that is reminiscent of the 1920s. This bar aesthetic is perfectly matched for a couple that is wanting to go big this year, even if they must stay at home. 

Pairing Bar Stools

A proper bar stool can truly make or break the look you’re trying to achieve. Below, I have three different styles of barstools that will enhance each of the style options above in their own unique manner. Picking a well matched chair for your bar table will complete your Valentine’s Day evening, and allow you and your partner to stay at home at ease and in style. 

Design: Meridian

For something to match the cafe bar style, or even the fine dining look, go for a black barstool with an upright back like these. Choose leather for a sharper more edgy look, or a velvet fabric for a softer, more delicate appearance. Not to mention, both styles of bar stool boast long angled legs and maximum comfort. 

Design: Meridian

For the more classic bar sets you’ll want a scalloped upright seat like the one below. The embellished gold leg tips in both the scalloped seat below and the leather seat above are perfect for a more traditional or retro styled bar. Additionally, the delicate design details on both seats can complement vintage and traditionally styled rooms equally. 

Design: Meridian

Final Thoughts

When it comes to Valentine’s Day this year, you’re probably safest at home with the one you love most. Quality time, and the ability to hold loved ones close is not something we should take for granted this year. Refresh your space, and your heart, with one of these lovely bar sets as a way to kick off your romantic day or night just right. 

When planning that perfect evening in, remember that being home doesn’t mean losing anything. Candles, flowers, and chocolates are staples in any Valentine’s Day evening. Spruce up your bar table a little more with some rose petals, or a clean, solid colored tablecloth. If there are pets at home, consider battery operated candles as a safety precaution, they even make scented ones! Lastly, if you’re going for the most classical bar set, fill the wine rack with your partner’s favorite bottle or two. 

Ultimately, Valentine’s Day is an intimate holiday based in old traditions, but it should really come down to one thing, making sure that those you love the most are reminded of your love for them. If it’s over coffee at  a cafe style table or a shared drink at your own home bar, make your love known, and enjoy each other’s company! 


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