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When it comes to a bed’s headboard there are many designs and themes to factor in.

Design: Ashley

The headboard only functions as an asset of style in our present day. However, their original purpose was to isolate sleepers from cold drafts in less insulated buildings, and therefore, were usually made of wood.

With the rise of modern design, the headboard is celebrated as the adornment to the center of the bedroom, the bed. Headboards are also largely affordable for the amount of impact they have on a design, making them a popular first choice when it comes to remodeling a bedroom. Throw on some fresh linens, and your room will feel new in no time.

Mix and Match

Design: Ashley

A mixed material bed frame, this piece sports both a wood frame and upholstered material. This bed frame can work well in different interior styles including traditional and contemporary themes. It’s on the flashier side, so be sure to pair it with light colors and basic linens, this will let the headboard and frame speak for themselves.

The density of the frame itself is meant to dominate the overall room, give it the space it deserves. Minimize coupling with other big furniture pieces, and you won’t regret it. Gold accents could add a warm and regal feel to the distressed wood. An odd mix, that somehow works and will be unique in your home among other more commonplace pieces. 

Grand Gray 

Design: Ashley

Warm, lush, and symmetrical is key for this headboard. This gray upholstered headboard would bode well with like-minded throw pillows in a complementary pastel tone to add a modern elegance to your bedroom. The soft edges with this blocky frame add dimension and fit most modern-inspired or minimalist themes.

The beauty of this hue of gray is that it can pair well with both dark-toned industrial colorings and breezy coastal pastels. Throw a unique printed wallpaper or decorative art piece on the wall nearby to accentuate the simplicity of the headboard.

New Classic

A light grain wood with an ambiguous framing, this would work well in any theme and can fit both a feminine and masculine styles. Able to fit in with both traditional and farmhouse chic, this textured design is one of the more versatile pieces featured.  The traditionally styled panels give the piece a larger than life perspective, and will make your bed seem roomier than before.

Work with the size of this piece by allowing it to be the center of attention.  For a more minimalist approach, use monochromatic tones and primary colors. Or stay away from playing it safe, and multiply the style with bold patterns, and darker tones. 

Design: Ashley

Taste of Traditional

Design: Ashley

This piece has all the glamor of old world traditional style that will be sure to transform your space. The true star of this piece is the rich, eye-catching, details; from the deep red finish atop replicated mahogany grain to faux marble-finish accents and gilded ornamentation. These ornate elements really allow this piece to shine. 

The carving within the headboard rises high above the bed, giving just enough space to allow for throw pillows and lavish linens on the bed itself, without making the whole set feel too busy. The dark antique-styled wood pairs well with darker colors and neutral undertones. Perhaps one of the most unique elements of this piece is the detailing on the leg. This adds modern retro elegance to the frame which works well with other pieces of classic design.

Driftwood Chic 

Can something be heavy and light at the same time? This piece dares to answer that question with “yes”! The heavy cut wood, with the light airy whitewashed color, is a true oxymoron. The weathered driftwood feel with an organic sturdiness to it makes this the ultimate piece for farmhouse, rustic, and even coastal styles! 

Design: Ashley

The simple blocky frame gives dimension with the tiered paneling. And the spacing of the headboard’s design makes throw pillows a must-have for this piece. Pair with dark neutrals, and try to stick to more natural, earthy tones, as it will complement this style best. 

In Summary, 

Headboards are not a thing of the past. They are trendy, modern, vintage, simple, stylized, they are everything and anything you need them to be. The right choice of a headboard comes down to personal style, and how you play it up. Both wooden and upholstered headboard styles tend to lean either towards elegant, regal, modern, sleek, or contemporary. This allows for flexibility in a variety of different room themes. 

Design: Ashley

With so much versatility available, it can be overwhelming for beginners or people who are unsure of which style to commit to. If that’s the case, start with a more minimalist look, regardless of which headboard you choose. Starting minimal allows you plenty of space and time to build up until you find the right style choice for you. Who knows, you may fall in love with minimalism!  


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